• Monolithic connector

    Monolithic connector Wire rod single piece connecting piece Plastic coated pipe (also called wire rod, lean pipe) is a welded steel pipe with plastic resiContact Now

  • Complete set of connectors

    Complete set of connectors Wire rods Completely connected pieces Plastic coated pipes (also called wire rods, lean pipes) are welded steel pipes with plastic reContact Now

  • Casters and accessories

    Casters and accessories Casters are an important part of Metek's lean production, lean warehousing and lean logistics turnover system. They are suitable for Contact Now

  • Foot

    Foot Lean tube foot lean tube foot is mostly used to connect with the lean tube and support the ground. It is usually divided into two typContact Now

  • other attachments

    other attachments Lean tube accessories are mostly used for supporting lean tubes and play some auxiliary functions. Mainly divided into Contact Now

  • Square hole hanging plate and accessories

    Square hole hanging plate and accessories The multi-tool hanging board is a combination of parts box and multi-purpose hook fittings. It is not only suitable for various typesContact Now