Aluminum profile material rack

Aluminum profile material rack

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Aluminum profile material rack

Aluminum profiles are used in special fields such as automobiles, ships, electronics, aerospace, medical food, industrial automation equipment, industrial module structures, etc., and are one of the most widely used aluminum materials in industrial frames. The material rack and turnover car used in the factory workshop are necessary tools for modern production. They are suitable for parts distribution vehicles of machinery factories, circuit boards for driving electronics, plastic housing storage vehicles, semi-finished products for distribution, transfer of finished products, etc. .

Workshop material racks and turnover vehicles generally use aluminum alloy profiles as the frame, plus metal partitions or plastic partitions. The turnover car hood will use metal fluent and universal wheels, which can move freely. The non-movable material rack uses a hoof foot instead of a universal wheel.

The material frame made of aluminum profile is simple and generous, and can be customized according to the actual needs of the workshop site. Not only any materials, but also beautiful and fashionable, it has really played the practical effect of fluent shelves, and is the preferred material rack for the workshop factory.