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Introduction of aluminum wire rod
- 2019-10-28-

Aluminum bars (also known as lean tubes) are welded steel tubes with a plastic resin coating. To prevent the coating from separating from the steel tube, they are bonded with a special adhesive. The inner wall of the steel pipe is an anti-corrosion coating. The standard bar material has a diameter of 28 mm and the wall thickness of the steel pipe is 0.8, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 mm. The bar product is a modular system of tubes and connectors that converts any creative idea into a personalized, realistic structure that is extremely simple and quick to manufacture.

Wire rod products can be assembled into various types of assembly lines, production lines, work tables, turnover vehicles, storage shelves and other structural structures. Wire rod products are widely used in various production stages such as automobile industry, electronics manufacturing, communication industry, bioengineering, pharmaceutical industry, military industry, various chemicals, precision hardware and so on. With the fittings and connectors of the wire rod products, you only need your imagination and you can build them. It's not just easy, it's fun. The aluminum bar product system can be designed and installed by anyone, can be designed to any size, and is very lightweight and easy to handle.

Wire rod features:

1) Simplicity: Line workers can design and manufacture wire rod products according to their own position, such as warehouse bar racks.

2) Softening: Through simple design, the station tool made of wire rod has the production method of flexible station system and has good work flexibility. It allows you to design, construct and adjust the line according to your special needs. Stick finished product.

3) Flexibility: The modular components can be used to construct various medium and light work station bar tools and wire bar shelves. It is easy to modify and adapts to the changing process on site.

4) Comply with JIT production mode: Flexible station system can improve work efficiency, and can clean up the operation steps in floor space and concentrated production, in line with the principle of first-in-first-out in lean production.

5) Improve the working environment: Reduce the time required to access the parts box tool. The plastic resin layer of the bar helps reduce the risk of injury in the workplace.

6) Scalability: The wire rod is designed to meet the production needs of different products, and a new structure is designed to cooperate with the station equipment.

7) Ergonomics: It is convenient to adjust the pick-and-place height of the station.