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Four commonly used aluminum profile processing
- 2019-10-28-

Industrial aluminum frame assembly is indispensable for processing on the profile. If you don't say anything else, take a profile of 6 meters. No matter what structure you want to make, you need to cut the length according to the drawing! This cutting is also a kind of processing of aluminum profiles. Today, let's take a look at the four types of profiles we use.

(aluminum profile processing)

From this picture we can clearly see the four aluminum profiles processing diagram, then we will introduce one of these four processing one by one.

Figure 1 is the tapping of the end face of the profile. After tapping, it is the installation of the angle wheel and the hoof. It is also conducive to the installation of the elastic fasteners of the aluminum profile fittings, the installation of the hexagon socket bolts, the installation of the semi-circular head bolts, these accessories. The installation is convenient for the profiles to be tightly connected to the profile.

Figure 2 is the cut corner of the profile, different structural frames, it is impossible to be a square connection, sometimes it is also necessary to make angle connection, especially the assembly of the door frame, it is necessary to cut the angle of 45 degrees, this should be known to everyone. .

Figure 3: The processing of the counterbore, which is convenient for the cross connection of the profile and the profile. The position of this hole is convenient for the hexagon socket bolt to connect the profile.

Figure 4: Through-hole processing, this hole is the auxiliary cross connection, that is

It is convenient for the wrench to pass the hole to tighten the bolt, and the other has no effect.

The industrial aluminum profiles are assembled into various structural types by using the principle of building blocks, which simplifies the design and shortens the production cycle. Compared with the sheet metal structure, it avoids a series of shortcomings such as complicated structure, numerous parts and large design workload.