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Aluminum wire rod application
- 2019-10-28-

Aluminum wire rod products are suitable for providing flexible wire rod production lines, flexible storage equipment, material distribution equipment, industrial automation equipment and other special equipment designed for the improvement of the field for automotive, electronics, machinery manufacturing, commercial logistics, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. And technical services to continuously improve the production environment. Specific application scenarios include but are not limited to the following products;


The aluminum alloy bar workbench has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient assembly, safety and reliability, and is usually applied to various workstations in the factory floor. It is suitable for a variety of complex production environments and can be expanded according to various working conditions.

2. Turnover car

The aluminum alloy wire rod turnover car has unique features such as flexibility, strong mobility and strong functionality, and is easy to be modified. It is widely used in production workshops, transfer workstations and other places.

3. Shelf

The aluminum alloy is flexible in installation, light in structure and easy to handle. It can effectively utilize the storage space of the warehouse, expand the storage capacity of the warehouse, and effectively guarantee the integrity of the cargo itself and reduce losses.

The use requirements or quality requirements of various types of die-casting parts are often different, and the die-casting process schemes used will vary. If the structural parts are mainly loaded, they have high strength, precision and internal quality requirements. The structural parts are mainly made of aluminum alloy die-casting parts, such as cylinders, casings, various brackets, supports and the like. Such parts often require medium and low speed filling and thicker internal casting in the die casting process. The decorative die-casting parts are mainly decorative, and have high requirements on surface quality and surface treatability. Decorative parts are mostly made of zinc and magnesium alloy die-casting parts, including toys, car models, lighting, hardware and mobile phones, laptop casings, etc. Such castings generally require surface treatments such as plating and painting, which are very sensitive to surface defects. High-speed filling is often used in the die-casting process, and the thickness of the gate is thin.

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