Industrial aluminum profile designation
- 2019-10-08-

( 1) Four-digit system name naming method On January 1, 1997, China began to implement the GB/T16474?996 "Deformation Method for Deformed Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Grades". The new brand representation method uses the international four-digit system designation method recommended by the international organization of deformed aluminum and aluminum alloy. For example, industrial pure aluminum has 1070, 1060, etc., Al-Mn alloy has 3003, etc., and Al-Mg alloy has 5052. , 5086, etc.

( 2) Four-character system brand naming method Before January 1, 1997, China adopted the former Soviet Union brand representation. The chemical composition of some old aluminum and aluminum alloys is not completely consistent with the international four-digit system. It cannot be replaced by the international four-digit system. In order to retain the existing non-international four-digit system, the four-digit system has to be adopted. Character system number naming method, in order to gradually integrate with the international. For example, the chemical composition of the old brand LF21 does not exactly match the international four-digit system grade 3003, so the four-character system indicates the grade 3A21.

The first digits of the four-digit system and the four-character system designation indicate the categories of aluminum and aluminum alloys, which have the following meanings:

1) 1XXX series industrial aluminum profiles ;

2) 2XXX series Al-Cu, Al-Cu-Mn alloy,;

3) 3XXX series Al-Mn alloy;

4) 4XXX series Al-Si alloy;

5) 5XXX series Al-Mg alloy;

6) 6XXX series Al-Mg-Si alloy;

7) 7XXX series Al-Mg-Si-Cu alloy;

8) 8XXX series others.

( 3) Aluminium casting grades The aluminum casting grades for containers in China are expressed by the number of ZAl+ main alloying elements + alloying elements. For example; ZAlSi7Mg1A, ZAlCu4, ZAlMg5Si, and the like.

( 4) Aluminum and aluminum alloys with the same grade as the state code, the mechanical properties are different when the state is different. According to the standard of GB/T16475 "Deformation Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Status Code", the new status code is as follows:

O jujube annealing state

H112 jujube hot state

Natural aging state of T4 jujube after solution treatment

Artificial aging state of T5 jujube after high temperature forming process

Artificial aging state after T6 jujube solution treatment