What are the criteria for the selection of industrial aluminum profile degreasers?
- 2019-10-08-

Use liquid degreaser, weakly alkaline, can not corrode aluminum, degreasing agent does not contain inorganic substances as much as possible, especially can not contain sodium nitrite, sodium silicate, sodium metasilicate, caustic, fluorination Inorganic substances such as sodium, sodium chloride, and chromium-containing oxidizing agents.

Such as non-ferrous metal cleaning agents, neutral degreasing agents.

How to choose anti-corrosion treatment after degreasing

Since the industrial aluminum profile is a soft material, it is not easy to remove the oil immersed in the aluminum material by degreasing. Therefore, the anticorrosion treatment of the aluminum material should use a passivating agent or an oxidizing agent having a degreasing function to form a colorless passivation film. At the same time, the oil is completely removed.

Such as aluminum degreasing passivator, chromium-free degreasing oxidizing solution.

What are the standards for aluminum anti-corrosion passivation agents?

1 has a degreasing function.

2 is an environmentally friendly product. It must not contain chromium ions (including trivalent chromium) or other heavy metals and strong oxidants such as nickel, copper, lead and nitric acid.

3 Can not use the organic corrosion inhibitor that affects the bonding force to prevent corrosion, such as silicate, sodium benzoate, sodium nitrite, emulsifying wax, emulsified oil, and the like.

4 After passivation, the film layer is a colorless transparent film, and there is no white rust or black rust on the surface of the aluminum material at the required time.

5 It is not possible to use acidic substances such as fluorides which react violently with aluminum.

As long as the above conditions are met, which liquid can be used, it is best to use environmentally friendly, low-cost, room-temperature treatment liquids. You can select and meet the qualified products for testing and screening through online inquiry.