Friction strip resistance

Friction strip resistance

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Industrial aluminum profile friction strip set

The industrial aluminum profile friction strip group is made of high molecular polyethylene and the color is black. It is used for sliding the lower side guide and has better wear resistance.

Industrial aluminum profile friction strip set features: good wear resistance, smooth push and pull, easy to install.

Industrial aluminum profile friction strip set specifications: 8.2 slot width profile, 10.2 slot width profile, 2 different heights.

Industrial aluminum profile accessories friction strip group installation method: put the friction strip group inside the profile groove, how long it takes to be determined by the length of the sliding door, then design the position of the fixed hole, and set the friction group according to the reserved position. Stepped holes, then connect with nuts with hexagon socket head bolts,

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30 series bright / matte

Friction strip set 1 (supply)




40/45/50/60 series matte

Friction strip set 2 (supply)