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60 bright industrial aluminum profiles

Product Details

60 series bright surface industrial aluminum profiles

60 series industrial aluminum profile product introduction:

1) 60 industrial aluminum profiles are widely used in frame aluminum profiles with high load-bearing capacity, large stress requirements, and heavy-duty structures with high support requirements, and the frame structure is firm;

2) 60 industrial aluminum profiles have good expandability. The slot design of industrial aluminum profiles makes it unnecessary to disassemble profiles during the installation process. Bolts and nuts can be installed at any position. The process of modifying the aluminum profile frame is simple and easy to operate;

3) 60 industrial aluminum profiles are treated with anodized silver white brightening, aluminum profile frame products are anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion, simple and beautiful, no painting;

At the same time, our production of industrial aluminum profiles are European standard large hole profiles (aperture φ12), in addition to the above advantages, there are the following advantages:

1)In addition to the conventional connecting parts, our 60 industrial aluminum profiles can be used. In addition, special anchor bolts can be used. The anchoring pins are used for high strength, good concealment and connection and locking functions. To ensure that there is no gap at the joint, only one T-slot is occupied when connecting, which is convenient for installing aluminum-plastic panels, nets and other accessories.

2) Our 60 industrial aluminum profiles, large holes on the end face facilitate the connection of hoof feet and caster casters. The center hole is large and you can choose the M12 hoof and the caster caster (the strength is higher than the M8 hoof and caster). No additional adapter plate is required. Beautiful in appearance and easy to install.

3) There are two decorative lines on the surface of our 50 industrial aluminum profiles. It is beautiful and beautiful, and avoids the light reflection caused by the surface being too smooth, which makes people's vision unsuitable.

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Moment of inertia Lx (cm 4 )

Moment of inertia Ly (cm 4 )

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60 series


60*60 4 slots