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Aluminum profile fence

Product Details

Aluminum profile fence

The aluminum profile protection fence is mainly used in industrial production line planning. The safety protection system designed according to the needs of use can be divided into mesh fence, plexiglass protection, metal sheet and other forms, which can be selected according to the needs of the site.

The frame-type mesh fence has a very good impact resistance, which is more than double the bearing capacity of the general fence. The frame parts are all made of aluminum profiles, which are very flexible to assemble and can be used with various alarms. They can be adjusted according to the site conditions and are suitable for various types of equipment protection. The product is safe and beautiful, and the whole is solid and solid. Effectively protects equipment and personnel.

The protective fence of the equipment is to set up protective measures outside the machine and equipment. Part or all of the aluminum fences are built. The aluminum profile guards are used to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment. Some areas will be equipped with doors or spaces to facilitate cargo access and personnel maintenance.

The equipment protective fence is to establish a safety scope protection measure on the periphery of the equipment to separate the safety scope, to prevent people or things from directly contacting the equipment, and to play a safety warning role, often used in conjunction with alarm and power-off equipment. The frame part is made of aluminum profile, and is matched with various types of plates such as wire mesh, acrylic, PC, etc., and the aluminum profile fittings are used to connect the aluminum profile column and the ground through the aluminum profile fittings.