Workshop workbench

Workshop workbench

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Workshop workbench

The workshop workbench is mainly used in the on-site operation platform of the workshop for the daily work application of the on-site workers and operators. The workshop workbench is mainly made up of lean tubes and aluminum profiles. The products can be customized according to the actual operation of the site.

The workshop workbench is divided into three categories: the car partitioned flow line aluminum profile workbench and the lean pipe aluminum profile workbench and the first generation lean pipe workbench. The difference is that the workbench frame uses three different types of materials.

1: The assembly line aluminum profile table is a workbench made of assembly aluminum profiles as a frame. It can be divided into a pipeline workbench and an independent workbench. The independent workbench is divided into a mobile workbench and a fixed workbench. The assembly line workbench is used for the assembly line operation. The length of the workbench can be customized according to the production needs. Generally, it can be more than 6 meters. The stand-alone workbench is a single-person workbench that does not require assembly line work, a movable stand-alone workbench, four wheels on the ground, and can be moved freely to fulfill certain special production needs. The structure is firm, easy to assemble and disassemble, anti-corrosion, anti-dirty, no rust, make the workshop more tidy, atmosphere, production arrangement is easier.

2: Lean tube aluminum profile is also called the third generation lean tube. The workbench is assembled with lean tube aluminum profile. Generally, it is used as a separate workbench. It is assembled with special lean pipe fittings. It can also be assembled with casters to be movable. Workbench. The lean tube workbench is more flexible and lighter than the assembly line workbench, and can be assembled and disassembled at will, and it is easy to handle corrosion.

3: The first generation of lean tube workshop workbench: The material is made of lean tube. According to different load-bearing, different wall thickness can be selected. The style can be assembled from simple workbench to complex workbench with lamps and drawers. Cheng, low cost, easy to lap.