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Shenyang Metek Company Introduction

Shenyang Metek Industrial Assembly Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shenyang, the capital city of Liaoning Province . We are one of the pioneers in the domestic industrial assembly field and are committed to providing modular assembly systems to the industrial sector. After years of technical development and practical experience, combined with the international preface design concept and China's local processing advantages, we provide customers with comprehensive products and professional services. The company has a high-quality team, including relevant senior design engineers, on-site project managers and technicians who install and debug. All engineers have many years of experience, and the design, processing and installation experience is extremely rich, which can fully meet the design needs of customers.

The company's main business:

Shenyang Metek Industrial Assembly Technology Co., Ltd. mainly has the following types of business:

1. Production and sales of industrial aluminum profiles, aluminum alloy bars, lean tubes and other related products, as well as design, processing and assembly of related products

2. Lean production solutions based on industrial aluminum profiles and industrial aluminum profiles , aluminum alloy bars and bars

3. Implementation of engineering projects based on industrial aluminum profiles and industrial aluminum profiles , aluminum wire rods and wire rods

Product advantages

1. Replace welding, grinding, spraying and other processing methods of traditional industry frame products. One connection molding, light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, no need for treatment on the surface, beautiful appearance and low maintenance cost.

2. Assembly is very convenient and saves man-hours. Easy to modify without any harm to the product itself.

3. It is very convenient to connect other products or parts, and the expansion is good --- widely used in automation, industrial assembly lines and other industries.

4. After the assembled product is disassembled, the material can be used twice, saving the enterprise cost.

5. Industrial aluminum profile materials are renewable and the recovery rate is very high, which saves the company a lot of cost.

company achievements:

1. Provide design, processing and assembly of the corresponding substrate and connector products and related products for many domestic large automakers and auto parts manufacturers. At the same time, we also provide corresponding products and solutions for customers in other industries!

2. Provide corresponding logistics solutions for many large domestic e-commerce companies.

3. Provide corresponding framework solutions for many domestic automated robot companies.

Company strength:

1. The company's production and operation area is nearly 10,000 square meters. The stock of products is about 20 million, and there are more than one thousand varieties, which can shorten the customer's ordering cycle.

2. The company has hundreds of various processing equipments, dozens of production and processing personnel, more than ten design and installation personnel, and can quickly provide customers with corresponding product solutions.

     company advantage:

1, product customization

· According to the customer's demand, we will process and produce. We have many years of experience in aluminum extrusion technology and surface treatment of aluminum products to meet the needs of customers!

2, price advantage

· Good material, excellent price and high cost performance! Therefore, fixed customers have been stable for many years.

3. Quality assurance

· Strict feed control, procurement of high-purity aluminum products for aluminum alloy rod raw materials; the company in strict accordance with ISO quality management, and special requirements for special products , and constantly improve the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system.

4, product delivery period

· Prepare a reasonable production plan, establish a corresponding follow-up system, and assign responsibility to the person; according to the customer's needs, under the premise of ensuring the overall production plan, the production arrangement can be quickly adjusted, and the production, emergency order, and quick order can be quickly processed. Meet the customer's urgent orders / small orders of supporting production.


  After sales service:

The company promises to conduct a comprehensive tracking of all products sold to prevent any quality problems!

Last message :

I hope to cooperate with customers in all aspects to create social value together.